Here are some publicly viewable projects I have worked on in the past. Note that this is not an all-inclusive list. Most projects I have worked on in my career are not displayed here either because they no longer exists, or cannot be shared because of privacy or non-discolosure aggreements.

Did You Hear About This Job

A job search tool I'm working on to help people find and apply to jobs.

The primary tool for this project will be a browser plugin that will remember and auto-fill application information to greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to fill out online applications. Other tools are also planned to help people create and manage their resumes, cover letters, and any other documents needed for job applications.

Stoic Dreams

My personal business.

My personal programming career began in 2007 when I began teaching myself how to build websites with PHP, Apache, and MySQL running the backend. But in 2009, after having completed and launched my first commercial project - An Xbox 360 indie game titled "Cosmos" - I made the decision to start my own software studio and came up with the name Stoic Dreams. Through this independent studio I would create and publish websites and software that I developed. With the release of my first commercial website, Blue Cherub, I incorporated Stoic Dreams in June of 2016.

Joe Morning - General Services Corporation

Joe Morning is a custom built reporting / project management tool built specifically for General Services Corportation, during my time being employed there.

This website uses Inspinia front-end libraries for its base dashboard theme and UI, with some light modifications done personally to fix various issues - like working properly in a single page web design - and modify the UI to directly suit GSC's needs.

Agent Squire

This website demos a call center digital agent system. This system, when combined with phone software, allows call reps to communicate with phone customers using a script with pre-recorded messages.

Contact me if you're interested in using this technology in your call center. Be aware that this is not a pre-built solution, but merely a demo to showcase the idea. A solution for your business would be custom built to meet your needs.

Vocal Bin

This website an idea I had for a digital assistant product that could be plugged into any website and offer a voiced communication with visitors to answer questions or otherwise guide them as they use the website.

Blue Cherub

My stab at a relationship matching site that conforms to the standards of what I believe a dating site should be.

The site is 100% free to use. Users are presented potential matches one at a time, with a simple yes or no choice of interest. When 2 people mutually say yes to each other they are considered matched, and are allowed to communicate with each other via text or chat.

Users can only be matched with 1 other person at a time, and while matched are not allowed to view other potential matches. This is a feature to promote engangement with each other and reduce spamming.

In addition to the website, I have also launched a Blue Cherub Windows 10 Universal App accessible on any Windows 10 device.

My Snippets

(Language: Python) A Sublime Text 2/3 plugin that expands on Sublime's snippets functionality by allowing initiating snippets through a context menu; Also allowing snippet libraries to be included via any valid path - instead of being limited to the sublime package folder; And while Sublime's key-binded snippets are cached on startup - meaning sublime needs to be restarted to see any changes made to snippets - My Snippets snippets - initiated through the context menu - reflect any latest changes without restarting.

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