Erik Gassler - Professional Website Developer & Software Engineer

Greetings, and welcome to my website.

I am a low level programmer at my core, with a deep understanding of how programming languages compile and run on hardware. And I can easily learn-as-I-go with regards to new languages, utilizing online documentation, books, and other resources to learn what's needed to get the job done in a professional and timely manner.

My language of choice is C#, for its low-level programming benefits, coupled with its excellent IDE tooling.

But I am also adept with modern, vanilla JavaScript programming. As well as modern development with other front-end technologies like HTML and CSS.

I have learned a lot in my 10+ year career, and I consider myself a master software engineer in many aspects. But I firmly believe my "mastery" comes from staying humble, and I never resolve any solution with any dilusion that I have found the best possible solution. Only the best solution I could come up with in the time spent on the problem.

I primarily use MS SQL for relational data storage. But I also use local storage when it makes sense to do so.

My typical project workflows include dedicating time to properly design, unit test, and develop for each phase of a project. I believe firmly in test-drive, iterative development.

In my code, I believe in writing simple, self-documenting code that is, first and foremost, easy to read and understand. That's about as strict as I believe coding standards should be. Some programmers argue over object oriented vs functional programming. I believe there is plenty of room for both.

Outside of lower-level frameworks like .NET, Xamerin, and Cordova, I typically stay away from using frameworks or libraries to develop new projects with. Instead, I believe in writing new frameworks and libraries on a per-project basis. This way the libraries and frameworks are custom tailored for the given project and its needs. As well as free from bloat, like unused features, which not only hurt performance, but can also make development and updates more confusing and complicated.

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